The Australian Cycling Conference aims to develop the quality of cycling research, planning and infrastructure provision in Australasia. Each year the Conference brings together policy makers, practitioners, community organisations and researchers to further knowledge and expertise in cycling. The Conference crosses institutional boundaries as it draws experts from government, community and the private sector. It is also cross disciplinary bringing together researchers and professionals from transport, engineering, health sciences, geography, urban design, urban planning, sociology and the environmental and spatial sciences. Now in its fifth year, the Australian Cycling Conference will continue to provide a participatory forum at a reasonable cost with high quality papers.The 2013 conference took the title ‘Everybody’s Cycling?’ in recognition of the growth in cycling both in Australia and many countries around the world.

The 2013 Australian Cycling Conference has come to a successful conclusion. Proceedings will be available for delegates shortly, and later for those who are interested.

We are grateful for the support of our sponsors, and invite you to support them when you have the opportunity.

There will not be an Australian Cycling Conference in 2014, as Velo-City 2014 will be held in Adelaide in late May and we are very supportive of that conference.