The 3 Best Cycling Apps on the iOS App Store

Smartphones aren’t just for texting or making calls. For iPhone users, the App Store presents a wide variety of apps focused on cycling. Whether you’re looking for a better cycling route or you want to know more about cycling and fitness, these are the apps you should have on your iPhone.

1) My Campy

MyCampy is like several apps combined into one. For one, there’s the MyGarage feature for identifying what your bike needs. Does it need maintenance or do the wheels already require replacement? The app will count the kilometers you’ve achieved to assess the parts.

Likewise, the MySession feature is responsible for keeping notes of your cycling data. You can record each cycling trip on your iPhone if you want. The app allows tracking your biking sessions through GPS, although this may have accuracy issues — not to mention the fact that it eats up battery power.

2) CycleMaps

This iOS cycling app takes about 100 MB of storage space. It’s free, but you can buy the premium version to get more features. The primary goal of the app is to help cyclists find the best routes with ease. CycleMaps provides information from a variety of sources to identify bike paths and even elevations.

The maps you get are detailed whether they’re from Apple Maps or Google Maps. You’ll know the exact distance and the streets — preventing you from turning to the wrong block. In addition, you can even have the CycleMaps app on your Apple Watch if your iPhone runs out of battery.

Even if you’re not in the United States, there’s nothing to worry about. There are maps and waypoints provided all around the world. This allows you to enjoy your tourist trips as you cycle through unfamiliar landscapes. Keep your connection secure with a free VPN for iOS 7 or whatever version your iPhone has.

3) Endur8

Last but definitely not least, the Endur8 app is perfect for fitness enthusiasts. If you also enjoy running and joining triathlons, this app is for you. It’s an app made with nutrition science in mind — helping you know exactly when you should hydrate yourself. This way, you can always maximize your energy.

In particular, Endur8 will tell you how far you are from a fuelling point. You’ll know how much distance you’ve already covered. And like the other apps, you can record each session to study your performance. It will even recommend you which nutrition products work for a given cycling session.

So the next time you take your bike out for a quick ride, consider downloading these apps. They’ll help you use your bike more efficiently and keep you in the right path no matter the time and location.